About Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services

Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services is a major provider of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services situated on the Gold Coast.

Established in 1987, Goldbridge’s mission is to minimise the level of social and family dysfunction, disease, injury and premature death, primarily associated with the misuse and dependency of alcohol and other drugs.

The facility offers a results-driven program focused on radical personal change, enhanced psychological well-being and social functioning. The Therapeutic Community program successfully reduces the risk of relapse and assists to overcome the challenges of settling back into mainstream society.

The organisation has built a reputation amongst past and current residents as the key program on the Gold Coast that achieves real and sustainable recovery outcomes.

  • I am an alcoholic and an addict. I started drinking at a very early age – before my teens.  My overriding emotions when I came to Goldbridge were that I was useless, worthless and gutless.  Goldbridge trusted me and that was the first big step. Goldbridge gave me the support when I needed it and everybody else had given up.  I learnt that I have a future – and that future is now and that I am really enjoying it
    - Christo
  • By the age of 13 I had my first drink. The ones I loved around me seemed insignificant anymore, I needed to get alcohol and that was all that mattered.  Without Goldbridge and without the support staff that helped me out and after the program as well – through the half way systems well – now I have the opportunity to do what I really want to do with my life.  Goldbridge has definitely saved my life.   It’s been the only place that I have come through recovery that has really given me the skills I need to cope with life.  My family is very supportive, I’ve great friends and great support from Goldbridge – it is all such a positive experience.
    - Jarrod
  • I was 12 years old when I first started drinking.  I just wasn’t coping in general with what was going on around me.  I have so much gratitude towards the staff at Goldbridge.  They have given me unconditional ongoing support.  My life has changed completely; I know that if I hadn’t of gone through the program at Goldbridge that I would have been a suicide statistic.  I am extremely grateful.
    - Tess
  • I am a 38 years old recovering Alcoholic.  I had a really bad home life, actually it was very violent.  When I came to Goldbridge I had nothing, and I mean nothing.  Now I have everything back.  Without Goldbridge giving me the tools to survive in day-to-day life, I wouldn’t have anything new; in fact I would probably be dead.  Goldbridge saved my life and my family is also very grateful to Goldbridge.  Life just gets better and better.
    - Narelle
  • The idea of rehabilitation was completely daunting and confronting and something I had been avoiding for a long time. If I hadn’t made the choice to go to Goldbridge, the result would have been fatal. Today I live a normal and healthy life and continue to receive ongoing support from Goldbridge to maintain my commitment to abstinence.
    - Ralf, aged 54