Goldbridge has built a reputation amongst past and current clients as the key program on the Gold Coast that achieves real and sustainable recovery outcomes. Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • Prior to commencing a program at Goldbridge my life was a mess!! 25 years of drinking, drugs and depression had left me emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually bankrupt.   Progressing through the program, I began to realize my potentials and learnt valuable skills to help me cope with the ups and downs of everyday life; without having to escape into a bottle. After completing the program, I embarked on a University Degree in social science and started part-time work.   I have now completed my degree and started honours, I continue to work, am actively involved in lifesaving, planning to run the gold coast 24km marathon, financially secure, a positive role model and supportive mother to my son, who has been my inspiration.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my life could be so fulfilling but thanks to everything I learnt at Goldbridge and the amazing support from friends and family, I feel like nothing is beyond my reach and my dreams can be realities
    - CF
  • I am an alcoholic and an addict. I started drinking at a very early age – before my teens.  My overriding emotions when I came to Goldbridge were that I was useless, worthless and gutless.  Goldbridge trusted me and that was the first big step. Goldbridge gave me the support when I needed it and everybody else had given up.  I learnt that I have a future – and that future is now and that I am really enjoying it
    - Christo
  • By the age of 13 I had my first drink. The ones I loved around me seemed insignificant anymore, I needed to get alcohol and that was all that mattered.  Without Goldbridge and without the support staff that helped me out and after the program as well – through the half way systems well – now I have the opportunity to do what I really want to do with my life.  Goldbridge has definitely saved my life.   It’s been the only place that I have come through recovery that has really given me the skills I need to cope with life.  My family is very supportive, I’ve great friends and great support from Goldbridge – it is all such a positive experience.
    - Jarrod
  • I was 12 years old when I first started drinking.  I just wasn’t coping in general with what was going on around me.  I have so much gratitude towards the staff at Goldbridge.  They have given me unconditional ongoing support.  My life has changed completely; I know that if I hadn’t of gone through the program at Goldbridge that I would have been a suicide statistic.  I am extremely grateful.
    - Tess
  • I am a 38 years old recovering Alcoholic.  I had a really bad home life, actually it was very violent.  When I came to Goldbridge I had nothing, and I mean nothing.  Now I have everything back.  Without Goldbridge giving me the tools to survive in day-to-day life, I wouldn’t have anything new; in fact I would probably be dead.  Goldbridge saved my life and my family is also very grateful to Goldbridge.  Life just gets better and better.
    - Narelle
  • The idea of rehabilitation was completely daunting and confronting and something I had been avoiding for a long time. If I hadn’t made the choice to go to Goldbridge, the result would have been fatal. Today I live a normal and healthy life and continue to receive ongoing support from Goldbridge to maintain my commitment to abstinence.
    - Ralf, aged 54

A longer testimonial:

My name is Grant & I’m a recovering drug addict, alcoholic, compulsive gambler. Just for the record I was none of these things before coming to Goldbridge, I was a special case that no prescription drug was able to treat. After processing my past I have come to understand I was born a raw nerve in blue booties!! Drugs were not the problem but a solution that stopped working. This ended as promised – jails, institutions and if not for good paramedics and the like’s death.

After being released from yet another prison sentence in 2001 and a long parole hanging over my head, I knew something had to change. Not knowing I had this disease that wanted me dead, or that alcohol was a drug. I successfully drank myself out of a heroin habit. That brought me to my knees in 2010.

Over that 9 year period, I managed to get into a relationship, have 2 children, a fantastic job which taught me a trade. On one of the better attempts at getting sober we bought a house. I don’t know exactly when I lost all that, why I could never get home or how I would wake up a long way away from where I started to drink.

Drugs / alcohol have managed & dictated my life since my first drink at 11yrs old, so it was pretty much a rock bottom existence. I have lost partners & kids, jobs and homes before but this time was different, I had totally lost myself.

I put myself into a detox for booze and benzos and knew I would have to go to a rehab at least until I could get my family back. Goldbridge appealed to me because it was not God based or 12 Steps, I didn’t need all that, I just needed time. That great illusive higher power was obviously at work for me to walk through the door, especially when the first 2 people I encountered were caring teddy bears. (Nut house)

Through hope, good case workers, the 8 habits and a supportive network, I managed to spend 8 months under the care of Goldbridge. I identified and admitted I had this disease of addiction and was equipped with the tools to arrest it 1 day at a time. Not that you could have told me at the time, Goldbridge’s structure & program fitted me like a glove. The family support, the self ownership of cleaning up the wreckage of the past and the list goes on.

Since leaving the programme, I have reconciled with the family (which has rocketed in to a new dimension). Started a small business in the trade learned prior to treatment. I utilize the Goldbridge structure in my life today, try for a healthy balance of work, rest, play & family. As well as the 8 habits I have the 12 steps, I continue to work with addict supporting addict, I’ve opened up a meeting in our small town which has 12 stepped a few people now and also recommends Goldbridge as a great place for treatment.

~~ Goldbridge you’re on my gratitude list thanks Grant ~~