Goldbridge’s successful operating would not be possible without the invaluable support of its group of committed volunteers.
The criteria to become a professional volunteer is participation in the Therapeutic Community program; on-going connection with Goldbridge through debrief sessions, training and support groups; obtaining a ‘Blue Card’ from the Children’s Commission and participation in an interview process.

We invite you to:

Request a Position Description

Submit a written application for the position

Attend an interview. If successful – read and sign the Goldbridge Code of Ethics

Complete shadow shifts covering week night and weekend day shifts for a nominated period of time.

Advise the person in charge of the rosters of your availability for shifts

Commencement of Supervisor shifts after a nominated period of time

Meet with the program Coordinators to review shadow shifts and receive approval to commence shifts.

Support is offered to our professional volunteers through:

Submission of Blue Card applications

On-call staff available for clarification and support of role

2 supervisors on each shift

Supervisor training workshops

Debrief sessions

Accredited First Aid training provided

Accredited CPR updates provided

Staff training

Certificate of Recognition as a Volunteer