Individuals are complex, and the reasons they relapse back to substance misuse are as vast as the reasons they started in the first place.  What we do know without doubt is that ongoing treatment provides the road to recover.

  • Clients who have completed the Transition-To-Community (TC) program. Current Transition-to-Community clients do not access this program, as they have their own Case Worker.
  • Any ex-resident who was unable to enter, or chose not to enter, the Transition-to-Community program
  • Any ex-resident who has completed the Therapeutic Community program, regardless of how long ago.

147_Quince&Mulberry_GoldbridgeThe service provides one-to-one Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselling by trained professionals. Focused on radical personal change, enhanced psychological well-being and social functioning, the Relapse Prevention strategy is successful in supporting clients to embrace their life with a healthy outlook.

After completing the Goldbridge Residential Program (six months) and the Transition to Community (TC) Program (another six months), many clients further their commitment to their recovery by following up with ongoing support. This can be tailored to the individual, and may even be as little as a once a month meeting to review their relapse prevention plan, discuss any frustrations, and have a mental health check up.

Goldbridge provides a flexible, non-directive, non-judgmental, holistic approach to AOD counselling. Goldbridge utilises mainstream Cognitive Behaviour Therapy together with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as frameworks during the sessions. Please contact Goldbridge on 07 5503 1255 and ask for a Continuing Care appointment.