Continuing Care  

Research provides evidence that people recovering from alcohol and drug dependence benefit from Continuing Care services. The values of these benefits emerge in the on-going improvements in their well-being and social functioning.

People, and their reasons for dependence, are complex. The Goldbridge Continuing Care service is focused on each client as an individual with their own unique needs and strengths. The success of recovery maintenance through the Goldbridge Continuing Care harm minimization service is seen as clients embrace their new life choices with a healthy outlook.

The Goldbridge Continuing Care service supports people to develop:

  • New patterns of living contributing to reunification of families, safety in relationships, improved health conditions, personal resilience and positive financial outcomes.
  • Different choices in patterns of behaviour, social connections, lifestyle and self-regulation.
  • New routines integrating as a contributing member of communities, understanding personal values, enjoying the benefits of safe and healthy choices and supporting and modelling to others who are in earlier stages of recovery.

Continuing Care is available to people who have completed a minimum of 3 months of the Goldbridge Residential Program as well as to those who have completed all phases of the Residential and/or Transition Programs. NOTABLY Continuing Care is also available to past clients of Goldbridge who have completed the minimum requirements.

There is no time limit for how long a person has access to Continuing Care.

There is no limit to the time since a person completed the requirements to access Continuing Care.

People who engage in Goldbridge Continuing Care develop self-managing healthy and sustainable patterns of living through a person-centered, recovery-oriented approach.

Appointments are made directly by the person accessing the Goldbridge Continuing Care service.

To make an appointment, call 07 5503 1255.