The Assessment Service seeks to identify an individual’s needs in overcoming Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) misuse, and then matches personal circumstances with the most appropriate treatment.

Assessment Process:

    • The person seeking assistance is to contact Goldbridge on (07) 5503 1255 (basic information will be gathered)
    • Complete initial phone interview (approximately 10 minutes)
    • An Assessment Officer will contact you within two working days to arrange an in-person interview
    • Complete the Assessment Interview (approximately two hours) at the Goldbridge Corporate Office or via telephone.
    • Maintain regular phone contact following the assessment on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 10.00am to 12.00md
    • Receive assessment outcome (usually within four working days for non-complex assessments)
    • Goldbridge liaises closely with local services and GPs, and supports direct transition from detox to residential care through the Goldbridge Residential Therapeutic Community (TC) program
    • If Goldbridge is unable to assist you directly, we will attempt to refer you to a service which may better suit your needs

Goldbridge Entry Criteria:

    • Age: 21 to 65 years
    • Agreement to abide by the Therapeutic Community (TC) program rules:
      • No drug or Alcohol Use.
      • No Stealing.
      • No violence or threats of violence.
      • No sexual activity between  TC members.
    • Be abstinent and detoxed as required (either in a detoxification facility or a medically assisted detoxification with assistance from your treating GP).  Our intake workers will assist you with this and assess your detoxification needs.
    • You need to discuss options with the Intake Officer if you do not have a current Medicare and Healthcare card.
    • Admission fee (notified during assessment interview) is payable on the day.
    • Ability to pay fortnightly support payments (self funded or assignment of Centrelink payment).