Enquiries from the community are always welcome – please contact our EHealth Worker on (07) 5503 1255

Goldbridge offers Outreach Services to support our clients and their families to reach their individual potential. Goldbridge integrates the Therapeutic Community model with a holistic approach and pathway to recovery.

1. Enquiries
For your first contact with Goldbridge, phone us on 07 5503 1255. Our non-judgemental and caring professional team will answer your enquiries about our Programs and provide you with information about our services.

2. Intake & Assessment
If you are interested in admission to the Goldbridge Residential Program, you will be required to complete an assessment by contacting us on 07 5503 1255. The assessment is arranged on direct request by the prospective client.

3. Family Support Service
As a family member you are not alone. The Goldbridge Family Support Program has been developed with a client driven approach. We support family by providing Family visiting times each weekend; Family support days during the year; Education and information on AOD addiction and mental health issues and behaviours; Support for family members with information on the Intake and Admission processes; Referral to family support groups and counselling services.

4. Transition Program
Offering a holistic approach with a progressive pathway, Goldbridge offers a Transition-to-Community Program. Transition is a semi-structured phase of the Goldbridge program where clients develop higher levels of independent living skills with supportive case management to increase independence. Key entry requirements are completion of a residential rehabilitation program and understand the Therapeutic Community model.

5. Continuing Care

In Keeping with the Goldbridge holistic and progressive approach to recovery, Continuing Care clients to build on their increased knowledge to integrate their changes into a healthier lifestyle.  Continuing Care is available to people who have completed a minimum of 3 months of the Goldbridge Residential Program as well as to those who have completed all phases of the Residential and/or Transition Programs. NOTABLY Continuing Care is also available to past clients of Goldbridge who have completed the minimum requirements.

6. Volunteers
Goldbridge supports volunteering especially for Graduates for the program as mentors for new residents and to give back to the community.

7. Education and Training
Goldbridge conducts sessions for students at TAFE and University on the Goldbridge programs etc.

8. Community Events
Goldbridge participates in community events to provide easy access to information for people who may need it e.g. Wellness Festival; Horses and Hats Fundraiser