The Goldbridge Residential program runs for a nominal six-month period, however, the duration of the program can vary depending on individual treatment needs.

Evidence has demonstrated that a supportive community that values healthy living underpins a successful rehabilitation and reduces the risk of relapse.

A Therapeutic Community is a treatment program in which the community itself, through self-help and mutual support, is the principle means for promoting change and promoting change.

Residents attend group counseling and therapy sessions for the duration of the residential program to address the underlying issues that have resulted in the chronic and habitual misuse of alcohol or other drugs. A range of health and psychosocial education groups are also provided which aim to provide all residents with knowledge about the nature of addiction and co-occurring mental conditions. The purpose of these groups is to access vital information to aid recovery and learn strategies to deal with the effects of both addiction and associated mental illness.

RoomGoldbridge employs a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals, including people in the fields of psychology, social work, medicine and education, as well as Goldbridge graduates who have gone through certification in AOD and mental health work.
There is an optional and highly recommended ‘Transition-to-Community’ program available to residents after completion of the residential treatment phase of the program, to assist with settling back into everyday life.

For further information about the residential program, please visit the FAQ’s page.