Charlie Blatch

Position: CEO

125_Quince&Mulberry_GoldbridgeFor more than 17 years, Charlie has been CEO of Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services. He has developed the program from a small residential service to an evidenced based Therapeutic Community (TC) including transitional, educational and community-based support services.

Through his career, Charlie has provided a significant contribution to the TC movement in Australia.

Charlie first began working within Therapeutic Communities (TCs) in the United Kingdom during the early 1970s. In 1980 he established Killara House in Albury, moving it to the country in north-east Victoria. Charlie has also been Director of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation ACT, which included significant development of the Karralika TC program, which included a Parent and Child(ren) project.

Charlie was a founding member of the Australian Therapeutic Communities Association in 1986, and has served the Association in various capacities, including President. He has been instrumental in actively building the TC model since 1980 and sharing his knowledge with other practitioners.

As Australia’s TC expert, Charlie has also been a Chairman of the International Concerns Committee of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities, and actively participates in the European Federation of TCs.