Prior to commencing a program at Goldbridge my life was a mess!! 25 years of drinking, drugs and depression had left me emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually bankrupt.   Progressing through the program, I began to realize my potentials and learnt valuable skills to help me cope with the ups and downs of everyday life; without having to escape into a bottle. After completing the program, I embarked on a University Degree in social science and started part-time work.   I have now completed my degree and started honours, I continue to work, am actively involved in lifesaving, planning to run the gold coast 24km marathon, financially secure, a positive role model and supportive mother to my son, who has been my inspiration.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my life could be so fulfilling but thanks to everything I learnt at Goldbridge and the amazing support from friends and family, I feel like nothing is beyond my reach and my dreams can be realities